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December 5, 2012
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Prizes and Gifts by Umbrafen Prizes and Gifts by Umbrafen
Top row includes the prizes from the art raffle I did forever ago. Bottom row has active watcher gifts c:

Prize people- if you don't know why I did headshots instead of the full bodies, read here:
Updates + owed artBefore I forget- you guys feel free to invite me to your groups and submit my stuff to them if you'd like. I'm not one of those people who will lop your head off for that, so have at it xD Just putting that out there. Okay, I've had some art owed for a while from a raffle I did forever ago. I'm really short on time these days and I hate making those of you who won wait any longer, so what I'll probably be doing is sending the winners some points and drawing shaded headshots for yall instead of full bodies. Hope that's okay and the points will make up the difference, I just want to make sure you guys get something xD If I had known I'd be this short of time, I wouldn't have done the raffle in the first place. But yes. I will also be posting some active watcher gifts (probably headshots and whatnot as well, not sure if they'll be shaded or flats) so keep an eye out ;D As for my doggie, he's doing better now that he's on painkillers. Really relieved I got him to the vet in time t

I'll be getting those points to you guys as soon as I get them. Sorry I didn't have time to do the full bodies D: Don't worry, I won't forget about the points xD

Characters belong to these people:


Disabling comments because I won't have time to reply to anything today, also because I'm not really looking for feedback on these xD

I know my wolf anatomy is starting to take a nosedive, I'm just really really tired of drawing them D:
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